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Shunga Erotic Art Mini Massage Candle Libido Exotic Fruits


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Experience the ultimate sensual massage with the Shunga Erotic Art Mini Massage Candle Libido Exotic Fruits. This is a beautifully scented soy based candle that will not only add fragrance to any room with a delightful aromatic blend, but also serve as a warmed massage oil for intimate moments.

Warm, sultry and seductive, this unique candle will start a romantic journey for you and your lover. Light it for approximately 20 minutes to provide a sexy scent. Then, extinquish the flame and carefully pour the warmed liquid wax into your palm to use it as massage oil as you gently spread it onto the skin.

Discreetly stores in a tin decorated with beautiful erotic Japanese art.

Enjoy this convenient 7 oz. travel size... for your every romantic getaway.

• Made with 100% natural oils
• Produces a sensual, lukewarm oil at the touch
• Will leave skin soft and silky
• Burn time is up to 7 hours
• Will not clog pores