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Ideas to Play Your Way to Fulfilling Intimacy

Sensual games are a fun, interesting, and even humorous format couples can use to abate personal barriers while opening themselves up to honest communication and mutual pleasure. The Strip or Tease Game and the You and Me Game are a playful ways to peel back the inhibitions with erotic flair and ease into an evening of unforgettable fun.

Couples who are both busy professionals can learn to slow down and reconnect through the interactive dynamics of the Intimate Encounters Intimate Rewards Game while the Bedroom Commands Sexy Game takes the guesswork out of adventurous play with exact commands couples can direct each other with -- leading them through an evening of experimentation, discovery and ecstasy.

The Kama Sutra Love Essentials Romantic Travel Purse will allow two lovebirds to transform any vacation accommodation into their own personal love nest.