Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique I Body Chain

Bijoux Indiscrets

The Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique I-Body Chain is a dual-use fashion erotic accessory. The elegant chains flaunt on any occasion and act as a suggestive prop to intensify intimate moments. It wraps your body in a delicate I shape that can be worn with your favorite day or evening looks, lingerie, or even on bare skin alone. It's 100% adjustable and can be adapted to the body with an easily adjustable clasp.

The gorgeous design of this simple piece beautifully enhances the female form. The small chains embrace the body, while highlighting the most sensual areas. The flattering and enhancing design is especially nice with plunging necklines, fitted dresses and tight tops. How about trying all three options in the same day because this s&xessory can be worn as both fashion and eroticism.

Makes a perfect gift! It's an accessory that adorns the body in a fun way and is presented in designer packaging. Every woman will love it.

To put it on simply place the closed chain over your head and rest it around your neck. Then, adjust the remaining part of the accessory to your waist using the adjustable clasp.