Bijoux Indiscrets Plaisir Nacre Black Pearl Cuffs

Bijoux Indiscrets

The pearl is said to be one of the original symbols of beauty, sensuality and female sexuality. Now you can submit to your desires in style while wearing pearled bead handcuffs. The Bijoux Indiscrets Plaisir Nacre Black Pearl Cuffs revel in luxury. They also celebrates all of our senses. This product is meant to surprise, seduce, and help unleash those desires that are beyond your wildest dreams.

Not a single detail was spared and no wish was denied when this product was designed. They can be used as light restraints or have them travel across the landscape of your partner's skin.

So elegant they can be worn as an attractive accessory. Nobody will guess that privately they are suggestive handcuffs.

The middle chain is 8.5" long. The pearl portion of each cuff on each side is 5.625". This total length is roughly 20".

The cuffs are completely adjustable. You use the middle chain for the final linkage.

Designed in Spain by Bijoux Indiscrets, makers of provocative and sophisticated brands of erotic products.