Kama Sutra Pure Heart Kit

Kama Sutra

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The Kama Sutra Pure Heart Kit is a romantic gift set that will certainly please your special someone. It features some of the best of Kama Sutra vanilla, honeysuckle, and almond body products all in an adorable white heart-shaped package. Perfect for anniversaries, honeymoons, and other special occasions.

The Pure Heart Kit for Lovers contains the following 4 items:

Vanilla Crème Oil of Love: A delicious and kissable body oil that warms on the skin (22 ml).

Honeydust Body Powder: This luxurious body powder features the delicious honeysuckle scent and flavor, It moisturizes the skin, and can be lightly applied with the included feather tickler applicator (2 oz).

Vanilla Crème Body Souffle: This ultra-moisturizing whipped body cream is great for a massage or just daily skin hydration (1.8 fl oz).

Sweet Almond Aromatic Massage Oil: Use this emollient-rich formula for a most relaxing massage that will smooth and nourish the skin (2 fl oz).