Bachelorette Drink and Dare Lotto

Little Genie

Scratch if you dare with the Bachelorette Drink and Dare Lotto game. It's sure to spice up the bachelorette party!

How to play: The bachelorette distributes one lotto ticket to each party-goer. Party-goers then scratch and reveal their hidden dare/task. Each dare is worth a specific point value and they are awarded upon successful completion of the task. Once it is completed, the player may request another lotto ticket from bachelorette. If a player fails to complete the dare, the lotto ticket can be returned to the Bachelorette and distributed to another player. Add a time limit to the performance of the game to really heat things up. The partygoer who accumulates the most points wins the game!

Game includes 36 cards.



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