repour Wine Saver


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Do you hesitate to buy a bottle of wine because you know you won't finish it in one sitting when you open it? Have no fear, repour is here! The new repour wine stopper is the easiest and the most effective wine saver product on the market. It's the first of its kind to preserve a wine's original taste and aroma by continuously eliminating ALL of the oxygen from inside the bottle and wine.
Repour was invented by a chemist and it utilizes a very unique oxygen absorption technology cretaed to remove oxygen from your wine, so it stays fresh for days, weeks, or even months. No oxygen in the wine means it won't degrade. Now you won't have to throw out a bottle you couldn't finish because it went bad and you don't have to mess with complex contraptions. All you need to do now is insert the repour wine stopper in place of the cork and it will preserve the wine for the life of the opened bottle. Now you can open your favorite bottle, or try some new wines, and save them simply and keep them perfectly preserved. Cheers to that...AGAIN and AGAIN!
1) Remove the foil and stop the bottle.
2) Come back later, unstop the bottle, pour a glass, re-insert the repour. Enjoy! Repeat as needed.
3) When the wine is gone, dispose of the repour stopper. Start with a new repour stopper on your next fresh bottle of wine.